Cutting-edge Technology for Business Applications


Working at the interface between supply chain management, consulting and IT, we offer our clients both standard products and  customised individual solutions.

It is our motivation to combine quantitative methods, such as optimisation, forecasting and simulation with modern IT so that our clients can make better decisions. Modern analytic methods enable us to model, program and solve complex decision problems with computer aid.

More than 15 years of experience and plenty of successful projects ensure that projects will be finished within the allocated budget, on time and with the highest possible quality.

Most projects result in a very high return on invest and have a payback period of less than one year.


  • Mapping and visualisation of complex interrelationships that cannot be modelled appropriately with simple spreadsheets.
  • Computation of valid KPIs - no guessing and averaging
  • Fact-based decisions ('sometimes your stomach might be wrong...')
  • Profit maximisation or cost minimisation on the basis of intelligent algorithms, which take advantage of modern mathematics (models and algorithms) and computers (computer speed and memory).
  • If necessary, mapping of risks and profits or creation of portfolios
  • Long lasting experience with efficient tools at the interface between supply chain management, optimisation and IT

Innovative and successful enterprises use consulting and solutions based on quantitative models to increase their competitiveness: Competing on analytics!

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