Optimisation and Planning Solutions for Airlines - Increase and Protect Your CompetitivenessFlugnetz

Reduce Cost, Increase Revenue - Always One Step Ahead

Almost all successful airlines use modern optimisation technology. Why? Because they want to be one step ahead of their competitors. In a business with low margins and high risk, any possibility to increase competitiveness and profitability should be used. Modern optimisation technology offers many advantages:

  • Only optimisation solutions allow you to save the final percentages in cost and to increase the revenue correspondingly. This makes the difference in a competitive business.
  • Decisions are made on a sound and transparent basis. They become objective.
  • Millions of alternatives can be compared in a very short time. This is the only way to achieve the true maximum.

Quick Results with Quick Technology

The goal in projects will always be to develop solutions quickly with low risk and fair prices. Moreover, the solutions should be tailored to your needs and not replicate what your competition does. That's why we use AIMMS as base technology in many of our projects. AIMMS offers everything you need to develop and run high performance planning and optimisation solutions at enterprise level. The technology allows us to develop and deploy individualised solutions (so-called 'AIMMS Apps') in a very short time. For example, we developed and put into production an algorithm for automatic seat allocation in less than 6 months. This algorithm was deemed 'the world's leading allocation algorithm' by our client and has allocated millions of passengers to thousands of flights.

Optimisation Examples

  • Network Optimisation: When does which aircraft fly from A to B? This is one of the core business decisions at any airline. A large number of constraints (e.g. regarding crews, capacities, maintenance, airports etc.) must be taken into account. The objective is to maximise profitability at network level. Our models usually take fleet assignment and pairing generation into account simultaneously.
  • Allocated Seating: Place all passengers of a booking in the aircraft so that they are not split, do not block attractive seats for future sales and take into account special requirements (such as, e.g. children, wheelchairs etc.). A good automated seating allocation can generate millions in additional revenue.
  • Revenue Management: Control ticket prices based on current and expected future demand.
  • Crew Planning: Optimise the generation of duties, their combination to pairings and the allocation of crews to pairings ('rostering') so that the total cost is minimised.
  • Schedule Recovery: After an external disruption (e.g. bad weather, airport overload) it essential to recover the original operations as smoothly as possible. Schedule recovery models assist airlines in achieving this goal while taking both cost and passenger inconvenience into account.
  • Maintenance Optimisation: Different maintenance intervals and bases with and without maintenance crews make maintenance planning difficult. Many airlines need to swap aircraft at out-of-base locations to satisfy maintenance requirements. Optimisation models can assist planners in creating low-cost maintenance plans.Flugzeugkabine

Our Proposition

At the beginning of any co-operation it is important to get to know each other better and to discuss the potentials of the system that shall be developed. The specification of the system is usually the most important and critical part of the project. It is important to distinguish core features from nice to haves. This requires experience and a deep knowledge of both the business, modelling and architecture aspects of the new system. That is why we offer you a free one to two day workshop to discuss your needs and requirements in detail. Based on the results of this workshop, we can proceed with a detailed project and budget planning.

Your Benefits

  • Use the technology that demonstrably increases your business success.
  • Flexible modelling und configuration: We adapt the software to fulfil your requirements - not the other way around.
  • Proven basic technology: AIMMS is a standard optimisation and planning platform for enterprise applications. It is used successfully by many of the world's leading businesses.
  • Experience and know how: Specification, modelling and design are critical tasks in the implementation. We have long-standing experience and have conducted many successful optimisation projects. Due to our close co-operation with leading universities and partners we are up to date on the latest developments in the market and help you shape the future.

Next Steps

A large number of optimisation solutions being used in practice prove that more and more businesses are employing optimisation technology. These leaders show that technology can help them in increasing the value of their business and staying ahead of their competitors. We are happy to assist you in your next steps on this path. You can contact us here!